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Derya Martin

Real Estate Expert

My name is Derya Martin, I was originally born in Ankara, Turkey and eventually moved to Nürnberg, Germany where I grew up and spent most of my formative years. I have been married for 22 years to Shaun Martin; I have 1 son George Martin Sr and 2 Grandchildren (George Jr 7 years old and Sofia 5 years old) who are the joys of my life. I am fluent in German, Turkish and English. Right before our move to Augusta, GA, my husband and I were in the search of our first home in Slidell, LA encountering not so great experience with our initial real estate agent. We decided to ask for help from a different real estate expert, Helene Nunes. Her positive personality looked at me and said she thinks I would make a great agent. My response: “I think I would.” Ever since then I have been a real estate agent for over 15 years, where I’ve amassed numerous citations to include the Jim Jackson Memorial Award as well as the Platinum Level Vice President’s Club distinction for providing excellent service to my clients and community.
As a member of ERA Sunrise Realty, I receive great gratification in helping people find and secure their dream property and then assisting them once their dreams alter or grow that leads us to renewing the process again. I believe it’s my duty to both guide and protect my clients through this important transaction. Customer service is a skill that is quickly disappearing in the merchant-patron relationship, and I want to ensure that all my interactions with the public are regarded in a positive light.
I work an average of 72 hours a week for my clients, as well as for my peers and partners, to assure that agreements are finalized and constituted in a timely manner. I strive to nurture and stay in touch with my past clients as my career has given me the opportunity to develop wonderful relationships leading to a wealth of priceless friendships. Their lifeline of referrals has helped me grow. I have been one of the lead agents of the ERA Sunrise Realty since its conception in the CSRA. And as an associate, I have been responsible for more than $15,000,000 property sales annually in the CSRA greater area.
Unlike many agents, I have had the privilege in experiencing and developing knowledge in various aspects of real estate such as: community development and new construction from start to finish; listing and selling foreclosed properties (REO’s); and helped countless buyers, sellers, and corporate clients. It pays when you have an agent on your side that does not discriminate on value-based transactions. To me, all my clients are Equal. You receive exceptional real estate service whether you purchase a piece of land that cost $1800.00, a million-dollar home or a multimillion-dollar project. Thank you for the Opportunity.

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Imane Miranda Earp


Derya Martin is an exceptional realtor. I have been working with her over the past 10 years and have never been disappointed in her professionalism, service, or responsiveness and care to my real estate needs. I have worked with her to purchase a family home, land and an investment property. She looks out for her clients’ interest, provide A-Z real estate services without any complaints. She is truly a breath of fresh air and her enthusiasm makes the real estate buying experience an easy endeavor. I recommend her to anyone who wants to buy or sell in the CSRA.

Dilay and Roderick Redd


What an exceptional realtor who cares about her client’s needs and wishes - she is a realtor, we will definitely use again. Derya did such a great job helping my wife and I sell our home. She knows the best contractors who will help you get your house ready to sell. Her suggestions on what paint color to use for the interior of the house, what type of counter top to install in our kitchen, and what other improvements to complete before listing our house, helped in selling our home. She helped us in finding the right professionals to implement improvements and complete repair and service work. It was her passion that impressed me the most. She truly went above everything I expected of a realtor. The Realtor that sold me my home can learn something from her. Superb service, Superb.

Wahedda Hashami


I am both a past and present client of Derya and first things first, she is incredibly professional. She is very well-spoken and efficient in her process, personally getting me the best deals and helping me invest in properties that meet all of my expectations. She is also very seasoned and well-versed in the market, as she helps me in discovering and understanding my investments in real estate. With her help, I’ve even been able to build my dream home! Derya has been assisting me with my real estate needs since 2009 and I wouldn’t even consider leaving her side.